Partners & staff

Our team of partners and staff come with the specialist knowledge to assist you and your business.

The Partners

Michael Marks FCA

Trevor Berkley FCA

David Myerson FCA

Anthony Cowan ACA

Associates / Managers

Chris Georghiades FMAATMCMI

Barry Berg

Amjed Rela

Amjed Rela FCCA

Bhajan Singh

Bhajan Singh FCCA

Daniel Gilbert

Richard Heald

Fowad Jan FCCA


Dije Buqani

Payroll manager

Renata Mustafa

Payroll manager


Parmla Narad

Personal tax manager


Janet Berkley

Company secretary

Ila Shah

Ila Shah ACIS

Company secretary

Accountancy team

Anju Swaly

Gurtej Bharma

Jana Polgar

Juan Wang

Zakee Nathvani

Zakee Nathvani

staff member

Michael Tse-Hannibal

Nazeem Kureenbocus

staff member

Riajul Haq

Saleh Ahmed

Shipla Ramji

Receptionists and administrators

Sarah Buckle

Stacey Gonzales

Stacey Gonzales

Avril Davis

Diane Laherty


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