What our clients say

Responsive and insightful

“David Myerson and the team at KBSP never fail to deliver. David is always available, thorough and insightful, I’m unsure there’s much more you could ask from an accountant.”

Creative Director

Singing your praises

“Trevor, I’d always be very happy to sing your praises, your wonderful service has always delighted and amazed me. You set a great example and such a nice contrast to the standards that many others seem to hold to be acceptable.”

Personal tax client

Clearly cares

“Julian Landau has been truly exemplary in advising me on the tax issues pertinent to my circumstances. Julian always makes time to explain my options thoroughly and with great care, and his management of my tax needs has been nothing short of outstanding. He clearly cares about providing a competent and thoughtful service to his clients, and I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone.”

Property Investor FCA 

Readily Available

Anthony has been my accountant for 8 years and has always been super-efficient, very clear in his advice  and readily available whenever a query arises

Firestone & Co

A nice guy to boot

“Michael – thank you for all your help over the years. I have always been impressed by your absolute professionalism and you’re a nice guy to boot – and it was great regret that i couldn’t use your services more than was first planned.”

LFO Sound

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